The Bumper BlanketTM was created out of necessity and was developed through creative innovation.  Almost on a daily basis, we found ourselves leaning against our bumpers to reach into our cargo area and trunk.  Sometimes we would use blankets to protect our clothes from a dirty or wet bumper.  We figured that just about everyone who has a vehicle has to lean against their bumper when loading or unloading.  So, we decided to resolve the issue once and for all!

Function came first; we had to create a product that got the job done.  This meant that it had to be water-resistant, easy to use and easy to clean.   Second, it had to look good.  We made no compromises when it came to quality or style.  Fast forward to today and we now have an amazing, one of a kind dirt and water barrier called the Bumper BlanketTM!

We hope you appreciate this useful and practical product as much as we do!  We are committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.  Please let us know how we can improve upon this product and we will do our very best to incorporate your ideas into our next generation of Bumper BlanketsTM!